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Actual context

GitBook's team counts 13 people and our mission is to make a user-friendly and collaborative product for everyone to use in order to create, edit and share knowledge through documentation (product documentation, APIs documentation, design system, internal knowledge-bases).

We are evolving in a fast paced environment with a strong will to scale. As you may imagine reaching this level of ambition requires a lot of product development, that is why we are looking for a Senior Product Engineer to join the team in Lyon.

Working environment

Product team members

Samy (CTO) - Johan (Tech Lead) - Gaël and Aymeric (Senior Product Engineers) - Emilia (Product Engineers) - Mickaël (Designer)

If you want to get to know more about our team do not hesitate to have a look at our about page.

Product team overview

As a product-first company, the product & engineering team's missions are to build and maintain the service for our users.

Every member of the Product team shapes the future of the GitBook product by choosing and prioritizing features based on user feedback collected from either the sales or support team.

In your daily life you will be encouraged to suggest a new feature during the product planning organized every Monday afternoon. Hence you will be discussing this feature with the entire Product Team, scale its impact on the product and see how it can be implemented in the roadmap.

Once a roadmap has been defined, features are being designed with the goal of having a coherent and simple product. If your feature is a keeper you will be designing it during a UX workshop with the Designer and a few members of the Product team.

Developers will then implement and maintain those features by working closely with the design team. They are encouraged to share their thoughts and opinions about the design as well as to come up with initiatives about the product.

As user satisfaction is our main focus, every feature will be subject of technical and design review before being released.

Product team members also participate on every aspect of the product by writing blog posts, articles about new features, updating changelogs, participating in support...

Current and future projects

Our major ambition is to offer the best experience to our users wether it is about editing, sharing, improving performances or scalability. This involves rapid iteration cycles including several releases per week.

Our Product Team's mission is to improve and design both new and existing features of any aspect of the product; from the dashboard, the editing engine, and the collaboration tools, to the data modelling, the public API, and service integrations.

The day-to-day life of our team varies from developing new features, debugging, improving performances, code review...

Technical environment

  • Languages & technologies : Typescript, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Firebase

  • Tooling : Jest, Go, GCP, Algolia, Github, Sentry, Mixpanel/Amplitude

Do not hesitate to have a look at our GitBook page

What about you ?

What will you do at GitBook as a Senior Product Engineer ?

As a member of our Product Team you are part of the application design and architecture, starting from scratch to the actual implementation.

As a Senior Product Engineer you will shape the engineering workflows at GitBook to scale our product and team, and go "above and beyond" .

You will be able to contribute to the development of GitBook with minimal guidance, to own an end-to-end project including design thinking, to work on web architectures and to continuously help the team improve.

You have a first successful experience in developing, releasing and maintaining web applications in a fast-growing environment.

Technical challenges motivate you and you have a "roll up your sleeves" attitude. Plus you possess :

Technical skills :

  • A good vision on both front-end and back-end challenges and specs

  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript, NodeJS, React and web architectures

  • Strong product sense

  • Ability to own projects end-to-end

  • Ability to architecture software that is simple, maintainable and balances pragmatism and understandability

  • Passion to automate and document everything.

  • Strong interest in design

Soft skills :

  • Ability to walk the team through its continuous improvement

  • Ability to work in a team (code review, clear tests, documentation, comments...)

  • Ability to walk GitBook through its ambition to scale quickly

Well this role might be the one you are looking for ! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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