Work at GitBook

GitBook's Story

GitBook first started in mid-2014 as an open source project. The original idea was to create a desktop collaborative app allowing users to create, edit and share technical doc.

Observing some users also writing personal notes or product docs on GitBook, we wanted to push forward the original idea. Thus, was created allowing users to host their own content wether its personal notes, knowledge bases or product docs.

GitBook is now sustained by some of the best SaaS europeans VCs (Point 9 Capital, Notion Capital, Fly VC), used by over 500,000 users and thousands of companies such as Adobe, Adeo, Coursera, Decathlon, DuckDuckGo or Redux.

What problem are we solving ?

Most teams share knowledge everywhere in emails, slack’s channels, pdf, word files. This knowledge is cluttered and cannot be leveraged for new projects or opportunities. GitBook helps you having a single source of truth for your team’s knowledge structured and easily searchable. It also helps you collaborate on the same workspace with tech and non tech savvy people.

GitBook’s ambition is to modernise how we share and leverage knowledge for teams.

Our mission is to make a user-friendly and collaborative product for everyone to use in order to create, edit and share knowledge through documentation across technical and non technical teams.

The Product

Well the best way to learn about GitBook is to try our product :

Inside GitBook

Creation date : mid-2014

Location : 10 rue Dugas-Montbel Lyon 2

Average Age : 30 years old

Parity : 29% 71%

Remote friendly

GitBook's Team : 11 people

  • Product Team : 4 people

  • Go-to-Market Team : 4 people

  • Ops & Talent : 3 people

Do not hesitate to have a look at our About page to learn more about the team.